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It’s time to get fit and HEALTHy. For REAL.

There are a hundred different ways to lose weight…

But the one that works is the one you can stick with until your 85yrs old.

You have probably tried some type of fitness or nutrition in the past. And it either didn’t work, or it did until you didn’t work the program anymore. Either way it is super frustrating! So we need something that works AND is sustainable. But I hate to break it to you….It takes WORK. And it takes CONSISTENCY. And it takes TIME.

And that right there is the hard part!

We want results, we want them to last, and we want them now! While I appreciate the desire, we all know the reality is different. So here we focus on MINDSET.

If you want to transition from fitness as something you do sometimes, to something that you do consistently we have to start thinking of it as a LIFESTYLE. No crazy diets. No 3 hour stints at the gym. No more self-limiting beliefs that say you can’t do it or you aren’t worth it. Because you ARE worth it.

So get ready, because I am here to help you find health and fitness…for real this time.

What is a Fitness Group?

Did you know that if you look at a mountain your brain will perceive it at say….a 45 degree incline, But if you are standing next to someone your brain will perceive that same incline as 30% lower? How awesome is that!?!?! (And if you haven’t read it yet, you should check out the Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, it is full of cool science).

But that is EXACTLY we run fitness groups. In our virtual fitness groups you will find a group of people who are all working towards a happier, healthier version of themselves. It is a place where you can share tips, tricks, struggles, victories, support and encourage one another. Because we really are stronger together!

As part of a fitness group you’ll receive:

  • One-year membership to our streaming network of 40 workout programs

  • Customizable, portion controlled meal plan

  • 30 Day supply of our superfoods shake

  • Food tracker mobile app

  • Group coaching from me

Now let me just say,if you are looking for a quick fix, a magic pill, then this isn’t for you. If you are ready to put aside old habits that no longer serve you, let go of limiting beliefs, embrace change, and put in some good old fashion work….well…if that is you then I CAN’T WAIT to see what we are going to accomplish together.

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