PiYo – Week 1

PiYo – Week 1…Crushed it!

It’s Monday and I am about to enter into Week 2 of PiYo (Note: Beachbody challenges and calendars seem to start on Monday’s…I am sure there is a reason for this, but I don’t know it!). So I wanted to give a little update on what I think so far.

But first, let’s clarify a few things…

  1. PiYo is NOT the only thing I am doing! I do a bootcamp on Saturdays (well, most Saturdays) and I am not planning on giving that up. It is my only “me time” I am guaranteed during the week. It is bliss!
  2. I am not following the PiYo calendar! It has a workout listed 6 days a week, and 1 rest day. We already know that I am doing a different workout on Saturday, and I just might take another day off during the week as a rest day (like I did on Sunday). So instead, I just cross the workout out on the program calendar and move on to the next workout the next time I workout. Simple!

So what do I think…So far, so good!

I did three different workouts (in addition to the Alignment video on day 1): Define Lower Body, Define Upper Body and Sweat.

Seriously if you have ever done yoga or pilates then there is not a whole lot in these workouts to surprise you. They move faster than yoga, and when I say faster I mean you just aren’t holding a pose for very long or you aren’t static in that pose. You will find you are moving from one posture to the next and back again several times over. Most of the moves are squat variations, warrior poses, planks, etc…The entire time Chalene is challenging you to push yourself a little further (sometimes I love/hate her), but it is nice direction to keep this challenging and engaging.

Let’s just say at the time I thought these workouts were no big deal, but daaaaang was I sore after!!!! And I seriously need some work on lengthening out my hammies (like, holy shiz they are tight!). But thankfully I found my old trusty yoga block (life saver) buried in the closet!!! And don’t get me started on the ‘Sweat’ workout! I was literally dripping by the time I was done. So much so my husband told me I better not leave the office smelling like a gym (oops!). I am sure I will be a picture after doing ‘Drench’!

I would say 85% of the moves I have found to be doable at my current state of fitness with 15% being more challenging, a work in progress, or something I modify (note: I was active before going into this). But I have been using some of the modifications and they have been great! I have tendonitis in my shoulder that I am rehabbing and a knee that….well…let’s just say it has seen better days. Anyway, it is nice to have an option that provides even lower impact while I work on strengthening these areas. I can see how the modified option would be great for someone with joint issues or someone who is just starting down the fitness journey.
TIP: If you fall into this category, of if you are even new to an at-home workout routine, I find it helpful to preview the program before you do it. I realize not everyone has time for this, but it is really helpful to even just watch it on fast forward to get an idea of what you will be doing so that when you listen to audible cues you have a better sense of what the moves should look like.

HOWEVER, I did NOT the plank jacks or burpees. Even though these were a less intense version than some I have seen (you might need to see the program to get what I mean here), I was TERRIFIED that I would make too much noise and wake up the kiddo!!! Trust me, if I did that I don’t think anyone would be happy! And let’s be honest here…The least happy would probably be my husband…Soooo I stuck to the modified version! Who knows…maybe this is something we can bill up to as home workouts become more of a thing for me…

As it stands now, Week 1 done and the kiddo didn’t wake up once! SUCCESS!!!