PiYo – Day 1

In attempt to get my a@# into gear and gym it up a little more often I have decided to give Beachbody a go.

Frankly with a tiny kiddo at home I find myself getting to the gym only 1-2x week (which is AMAAAAZING!!!! Yay for “me time!”). But let’s get real here. I am a type-A personality with a full-time, demanding job. For me that means I STRESS!!! If I don’t get thine butt to the gym a bit more frequently I start eating like crap, sleeping less (OMG the running checklist never stops going through my head! Why is that a thing?!?!?!), and I develop this sassiness that some might say borders on attitude…I think that is a matter of perspective…but whatever.

Anywho… started looking into home fitness options and of course Beachbody has a ton-o-options and I have done a few of them in the past (hello P90X!) and liked them, so I figured this is a great place to start. So I signed up!

DISCLOSURE: I signed up as a Coach! You can ask me more about that here.

To kick things off I decided to start out with PIYO. PIYO is a combo of Pilates (PI) and Yoga (YO). The workouts are about 20-40minutes and require NO EQUIPMENT. Now normally this is not something that would strike my fancy (I like heavy lifting and bootcamps because they make me feel like a bada@$!), but I decided to go this route for one big reason…

I figured no equipment = less noise. Less noise = lower probability of waking up the kiddo mid workout!!!!

Now if you are a new mom or a mom to young kiddos I am sure you have experienced this before…

You start the home workout video. You get 5 minutes in and are starting to smile to yourself thinking, “Hey! I think this might work” and then it hits…the kid wakes up, needs juice, etc… and then all hell breaks lose. You press pause and just pray that maybe one day soon you will be able to come back and press play again…It is a beautiful dream!

It’s not really that bad…and truthfully my kiddo is getting to the point where he wants to “participate” which is super cute! But frankly, if I can get my fitness on without the interruptions, that is preferable!!!!!

So in addition to the no equipment thing there were some other reasons for the PIYO…
It is a low-impact workout with lots of modifications (I have injuries…this sounds like a great way to ease back into things)

Did I mention it requires NO EQUIPMENT?!?! (I can roll out of bed (and yeah, maybe I slept in my workout clothes), hit the mat and get to it. As I am getting started I figured the less I have to prep means the longer I get to sleep in, and the more likely I am to get thine butt out of bed!)
It is PILATES AND YOGA!!! Lord knows I could use some SERIOUS stretching. Like SERIOUS stretching!

So this morning I got up all excited and did my first PIYO video. Day 1 is all about alignment. They go through a lot of the postures you will be doing in the workouts and take them step by step (knee at this angle, foot here, hips forward, etc…). While this is a slow way to start (and admittedly a bit of a bummer if you are looking to hit it hard right out of the gate) it is really helpful to make sure you are doing things the right way to help 1) increase the effectiveness of the workout and 2) prevent injury. All good things.

And let me tell you my hamstrings were already screaming at me from this intro video!!!

Like I said…serious stretching…

This is a 60 day program (which was a bit scary for me to commit to, but dangit I can do it!). I’ll keep you posted as we get after it.

P.S. Interested in trying PIYO, you can buy it here (<– Coach Link), or you can email me questions here.