Weekly Food Journal Review 06.14.2014

Food Journal Review – 06.14.2014

NOTE:  In this post I will review my food choices last week, and make goals for the following Weekly Food Journal Review 06.14.2014week.  If this does not interest you, skip it.

Last week was the official kick off of my 5 month plan.  I promised myself that I would log
all of my food choices (as completely as possible), and review my food journal on a weekly basis.  In doing so I hope to identify small changes I can focus on the following week that will help me improve my diet.

So…Here it goes…

06.14.2014_Food Journal Review

What I did was pull calorie data from my myfitnesspal profile and segment it by breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks.  I looked at each as a percentage of total calorie intake for the day.  The goal was to see if I am spending most of my calories in one particular area. All-in-all I think that my average calorie expenditure is fairly evenly distributed.  I spend the majority of my calories at dinner, with the rest evenly distributed across breakfast, lunch and snacks.  However, snacks are an area where I can go overboard pretty quickly…when I get bored I graze, so this is something I always need to watch.

I then itemized alcohol and desert.  In looking at what I eat on a daily basis, I am fairly consistent.  These two categories are the ones that are “over and above” what I normally eat.  I think if you look at the chart you will see that the days where I consumed the most calories are the days I added these into my diet.

You can see exactly what I ate (item by item) by friending me myfitnesspal or by clicking on the link below:

06.14.2014_Food Journal

Goal for Next Week:

From looking at this it is pretty clear to me that desert and alcohol are where I get a lot of my added calories.  This week I consumed more desert units than alcohol, so I am going to try to tackle desert first.

My goal will simply be to try to replace desert with fruit 2-3 days next week.

I will let you know how it goes…

Until next time,


Start of #5monthplan pics at 160.5lbs

The Kick-Off

I wrote yesterday about the start of my 5 Month Plan, and today marks Day 1!

To kick thinks off I think it important to check in.  After all, to see how far we come we must first know where we have been.

So here goes…my starting stats…

Initial Weight and Measurements starting #5monthplan inspired by Maria Menounos' #EveryGirlsGuide


And my starting pics…

Start of #5monthplan pics at 160.5lbs 14.06.06_Left side at 160.5lbs


To be frank, I spent the last two months (give or take) over indulging in food and drink while I was finishing up grad school, traveling, and celebrating. (woot!)  While I had a great time (and no regrets), I am really excited to get back on track and focus on fitness and health.  Looking forward to the increased energy and renewed self confidence I know comes with taking proper care of yourself.

To the next 5 months!

Until next time,


Beyonce Rocking Killer Confidence

The 5 Month Plan

I turn the big 3-0 in April.  I want to reach that birthday feeling good about myself and my Beyonce Rocking Killer Confidencebody.  And to celebrate, I want to have a photo session marking this success.

I don’t have a specific number of pounds to lose (right now I am at about 160.5lbs, post vacation), nor a specific BMI goal.  Instead by the time I hit 30 I want to gain strength, endurance, make some positive food changes, and feel Beyonce fierce.

Beyonce Note:  That girl is amazing.  Beautiful, talented, and crazy work ethic.  Someone I aspire to emulate.  Specifically, though, it doesn’t matter if she is a few pounds up or down she rocks confidence like no ones business.  She is truly fierce.

Go help get me to Queen B status I have broken the time between now and my birthday into two 5 month (ish) segments.

The first segment I will do the following:

  • MyFitnessPal - I will log my food intake on MyFitnessPal as a food journal.   Feel free to add me as a friend at RealHealthQuest!
  • I will review my food journal on a weekly basis for trends (including times of day, feelings & other triggers) to identify improvement areas.
  • I will post here on a weekly basis my goals for the following week, with the aim being small improvements each week (remember, this is a marathon).
  • I will weigh myself (and report it here) once each month.
  • I will continue to work out 4+ times per week.

A few things to note…

On MyFitnessPal, I will not be setting a weight loss goal, but have it set for maintenance.  I am trying to accomplish increased health, including weight loss, by making small and gradual changes.  I do not want to focus on calorie counting at this point, so I will ONLY be using MyFitnessPal as a food journal.  I know that I can’t have a weight loss goal in MyFitnessPal or calories will be my focus.  This is a personal preference at this juncture.

I am only weighing myself once a month to make sure that this is not about the scale, but by how I feel.  I want slow progress.  I want confidence.  I want strength.  I feel that by weighing in monthly it will give me enough time between each weigh-in to see improvement, but it will also make sure that my focus is on fitness improvement.

So that’s it.  Nothing crazy.  I want to continue current healthy habits and continue to make slight tweaks to improve my health and fitness.  Feel free to join in the journey by following me on twitter, instagram, pinterest…and by all means leave comments!  The more on this journey with me the better!

Until next time,


TIP: I have set calendar reminders for the next five months to help me stick to my goals.  If you have a goal you are working towards, add some checkpoints and friendly reminders to your calendar.

Photo Credit: I Am Beyonce



Clean Slate

I am starting off this blog and my fitness journey with a clean slate.  I’ve tried diets, I’ve tried extremes, I have done this again and again and again.  I am sick of it.

Starting here, starting right now I am working towards a 50-year plan.  I am adopting a lifestyle of fitness and health, but I will do it little by little.  I have had years of an unhealthy lifestyle (in this I include all of the crazy diet attempts, as those are clearly not healthy).  Who am I to try to undo years of bad habits in mere days or weeks.

The journey starts now.  And it starts with baby steps…